Tips for Renting Charter Bus Rental Service in New Orleans, Louisia

Known the world over for our culture and cuisine, New Orleans is a cultural bastion of the south. Thousands of people come here everyday to experience our food and culture. However, if you’re in a group it can be pretty daunting to navigate the streets of New Orleans, that’s why we recommend you book a Charter Bus Rental Service to get you in and out on time. So here are some tips to make booking a Charter Bus Rental service as easy as possible:

Book as Early as you Can

Particularly around celebrations like the Mardi Gras, you’ll have a difficult time finding transport if you wait till the last minute, and end up paying more than you have to.

Know your needs

This means you should know how many people you’re looking to transport, what type of Vehicle you’re looking for, the types of amenities you’re looking for.

Plan ahead of time

Knowing your needs will help you plan ahead of time. Planning ahead can help you get the most accurate quote and help you save time and money. Planning ahead means, know exactly where you’re going, your pick up and drop off locations, to stops in between, you should have a detailed itinerary.

Book with an Experienced Operator

It’s most important to book with an experienced Charter Bus Rental service, because all the planning and hard work could go out the window, if you don’t have the right service. If you want to be able to get in and out on time, rely on us, we’ve been operating for several decades in the area, and as our name suggests we’re always Prompt at Prompt Charters. Contact us now for a FREE no obligation Quote

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