El Paso Bus Charter – A major tourist resort

El Paso is the sixth largest city in the United States state of Texas. El Paso County has El Paso as its county seat. On the north bank of the river Rio Grande is located the city in the far western part of Texas. Situated opposite on the south bank of Rio Grande is the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez.

El Paso, Texas

The formal possession of the area for King Philip Second of Spain was taken by Juan de Onate on April thirtieth of fifteen hundred and ninety eight. Subsequent to that he crossed the Rio Grande to reach near a site west of present downtown El Paso. He called it “El Paso del Rio del Norte”, which was the first use of the name “El Paso”. The meaning of the name was crossing of the river. In sixteen hundred and fifty nine, on the site that is present day downtown Ciudad Juarez, the mission of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe was founded. The mission is still in use today. On the site of the present day city, Spanish colonists from Mexico founded the settlement of Ysleta in sixteen hundred and eighty two. However the first permanent settlement at El Paso was only established later in eighteen hundred and twenty seven. Juan Maria Ponce de Leon was responsible for that feat. The arrival of the Southern Pacific Railroad in eighteen hundred and eighty one marked the beginning of real growth of the city. In eighteen hundred and seventy three, El Paso was incorporated as a city.

In honor of Benito Juarez, Mexico changed the name of Paso del Norte to Ciudad Juarez in eighteen hundred and eighty eight. The United States agreed to cede a part of El Paso to Mexico which was long disputed, due to changes in the course of the Rio Grande, which forms the international boundary between both countries, later in nineteen hundred and sixty seven. Inexorably joined by culture and economy are El Paso and its sister city, Ciudad Juarez across the United States- Mexico border. They make up the largest international metroplex in the world.

El Paso is a prominent tourist destination and many tourists visit the area. Several bus companies operate in this area catering to these visitors. They offer services of charter bus, coach bus, limo bus, party bus etc. to customers. They are all highly reputed for the quality service they offer. It is to be noted that their services come at an affordable price.

An important port of entry from Mexico to the United States is El Paso. Important to the economy are the high-technology, medical-device manufacturing, plastics, refining, automotive, food processing, and defense-related industries. El Paso is also a prominent tourist resort.

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