Detroit Bus Charter – Renaissance as a common theme

“Renaissance” has been a common theme among city leaders. This way of thought has been reinforced by the construction of the Renaissance Center in the late nineteen hundred and seventies. This complex of skyscrapers which was designed as a “city within city”, together with other developments, slowed and eventually began to reverse the trend of business leaving Downtown Detroit. Some city limit signs, particularly on the Dearborn border say “Welcome to Detroit, The Renaissance City Founded seventeen hundred and one.”


In nineteen hundred and eighty, Detroit hosted the Republican National Convention which nominated Ronald Reagan to a successful bid for President of the United States.
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Detroit began to receive a revival in the nineteen hundred and nineties. Much of it was centered in the Downtown, Midtown and New Center areas. In nineteen hundred and ninety three One Detroit Center arose on the city skyline. During subsequent years three casinos opened. They are MGM Grand Detroit, Motor City Casino and Greektown Casino.

Out of these, Greektown Casino debuted as resort hotels. New downtown stadiums were constructed for the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Lions in two thousand and two thousand and two respectively. This ensured Lions’ home stadium to be in city proper since nineteen hundred and seventy four. The city also saw the historic Book Cadillac Hotel and Fort Shelby Hotel reopen for the first time in over twenty years.  The city hosted the MLB All-Star Game of two thousand and five, Super Bowl XL of two thousand and six, World Series of two thousand and six, Wrestle Mania twenty three in two thousand and seven and NCAA Final Four in April Two thousand and nine. All these prompted many improvements to the downtown area. Recently, Detroit Medical Center and Henry Ford Health System substantially increased investments in medical research facilities and hospitals in the city’s Midtown and New Center.

The city’s riverfront also has been focus of much development. In two thousand and one, the first portion of International Riverfront was completed and in succeeding years, waterfront gained miles of parks and fountains.

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