Omaha Bus Charter – Tourism as a main stay

Omaha’s economy has greatly benefitted by tourism. The College World Series, which is an annual event, is an important revenue earner for the city. The College World Series or CWS is an annual baseball tournament held in Omaha. It is the zenith of the NCAA Division First Baseball Championship, which is conducted to find out the NCAA Division First college baseball champion. Another top attraction in Omaha is the Henry Doorly Zoo. The Zoo is also considered as the major attraction in whole of Nebraska State. In the current year and two thousand and eight, Omaha hosted the Olympic swim trials.


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Numerous inventions are there that can be credited to the book of Omaha. The TV dinner which was developed by Omaha’s then- Carl Swanson Company; Raisin Bran, developed by Omaha’s Skinner Macaroni Company; cake mix, developed by Duncan Hines, then a division of Omaha’s Nebraska Consolidated Mills which is the forerunner to present ConAgra Foods; the Reuben sandwich, conceived by a chef at the then- Blackstone Hotel on Thirty third and Farnam streets; center-pivot irrigation by Omaha’s now Valmont Corporation; the bobby pin and the “pink hair curler” at Omaha’s Tip Top; and the ski lift, in nineteen hundred and thirty six, by Omaha’s Union Pacific Corporation are some of the notable modern Omaha inventions. “Top Forty” radio format was pioneered by Todd Storz. He was the mainstay of Omaha’s Storz Brewing Company. He was also the head of Storz Broadcasting, which was the first in United States to use the format. It was in Omaha’s KOWH Radio. Interestingly “From Sea to Sea” by Rudyard Kipling featured a character who claimed dice were invented in Omaha.

One event of consequence in Omaha was the demolition of Jobbers Canyon Historic District for building new headquarters campus for ConAgra Foods, along the Missouri River Front. The felling of the largest ever National Register Historic District came as a rude shock. A historic preservation movement emanated from this. Result was designation of numerous historic structures and districts as Omaha Landmarks or listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

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