Dallas Bus Charter – Situated on Trinity River

Dallas is the second largest city in the United States state of Texas. The county seat of Dallas County also is Dallas. Adjacent to the junction of its three forks, on Trinity River is situated Dallas, one hundred and eighty five miles northeast of Austin.

Dallas, Texas

In eighteen hundred and forty one, the first settlement in Dallas took place. John Neely Bryan, a Tennessee lawyer established a trading post on the Trinity River. Although official corroboration is not forthcoming, many historians say that Bryan named the city after George Mifflin Dallas, who was the vice president under James K. Polk. In eighteen hundred and fifty six, the area was incorporated as a town. In eighteen hundred and seventy one, it was incorporated as a city. In the eighteen hundred and seventies, Dallas developed as a cotton market due its location in the chief cotton producing region of Texas.

Many tourists visit Dallas to savor its multifarious attractions. Many bus companies operate in the city catering to this inflow. They offer services of charter bus, coach bus, limo bus, party bus etc. to the customers. They are all highly reputed for the quality service they offer. It is noteworthy that these services come at an affordable price.

The leading commercial, marketing and industrial center of the southwest is Dallas. It is also distinct as a financial center. Highly diversified is its economy. Important to economy is insurance business. The service sector has experienced rapid growth. Dallas is also well known as a popular tourist and convention city. In Dallas is manufactured many items. Some items included in them are aerospace and electronic equipment, cosmetics, textiles, chemicals, and leather goods, as well as aircraft, automobiles and other transportation equipment. A leading center for high technology industries is Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. This area which is known as Metroplex receives many defense contracts. The computer manufacturers of the area have nicknamed it as “Silicon Prairie”. In Dallas a large amount of oil refining takes place. There are also meatpacking plants. Existing in Dallas are headquarters of many banks and insurance companies. This makes Dallas a center of southwest for banking and insurance industries. Publishing and printing industries are also important. Dallas-Fort Worth airport has the distinction of being one of the busiest airports in United States. Love Field is continued to be used by regional airlines.

Dallas is seat to many educational temples. Situated in the Dallas area are Southern Methodist University, a branch of University of Texas, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, a theological seminary and the Texas A&M University’s Baylor College of Dentistry.

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens and White Rock Lake Park are two prominent tourist attractions of Dallas.

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