Columbus Bus Charter – Located in Central Ohio

Columbus has the distinction of being the largest city in the United States state of Ohio. It is also the capital of Ohio. Franklin County has Columbus as its county seat. On the Scioto River, Columbus is located in central Ohio.

Columbus, Ohio

Earthen mounds constructed by Indian tribes known as Mound Builders, were the first structures to be built near the site of downtown Columbus. Until seventeen hundreds Native Americans lived in Central Ohio undisturbed, when the first white explorers entered the Midwest. In seventeen hundred and ninety seven, a surveyor from Kentucky, Lucas Sullivant founded the first permanent white settlement in the area. It was named Franklinton. In eighteen hundred and twelve, adjacent to it, the state capital was laid out. It was named after Christopher Columbus. In eighteen hundred and sixteen, it became the capital. In eighteen hundred and thirty four, Columbus was chartered as a city. In eighteen hundred and seventy, to Columbus was annexed Franklinton. The city witnessed growth which was stimulated by the development of transportation facilities. Some of the developments were a feeder to the Ohio Canal completed in eighteen hundred and thirty two, the National Road in eighteen hundred and thirty three and the arrival of the railroad in eighteen hundred and fifty.

Catering to the many visitors that come to Columbus, many bus companies operate in the city. They offer services of charter bus, coach bus, limo bus, party bus etc. They are all highly reputed for the quality service they offer. Prices of these services also come at an affordable rate.

A port of entry is the city of Columbus. It is also a major commercial, distribution and cultural center. The economic diversity of the city has ensured that the city enjoyed steady growth over the years. It should be noted that no single activity dominates the economy. Columbus is a transportation, industrial and trade center in a fertile farm region. Included among its manufactures are consumer goods, aircraft, engines, transportation equipment, glass, food, textiles, and primary metals. Important to the economy are government agencies and many research and educational centers. Functioning in Columbus are Ohio State University, Capital University, Ohio Dominican College, Franklin University, state schools for the deaf and blind and Battelle Memorial Institute for Industrial Research.

The state capitol, the staff office building and its library, huge Ohio Stadium of Ohio State University, the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts, the Center of Science and Industry etc. are some of the major landmarks. Other attractions include a science museum designed by Arata Isozaki, the postmodern convention center designed by Peter Eisenman and the library and museum of the state archaeological and historical society. The headquarters of American Rose Society, which homes one of the world’s largest rose gardens is situated in Columbus.

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