Honolulu Bus Charter – An important tourist center

Honolulu is the largest city in the United States state of Hawaii. It is also the capital of Hawaii. It is situated on the southeast coast of the island of Oahu. Honolulu is legally coextensive with the county of Honolulu. It includes the entire island of Oahu and most of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands, from Nihoa to Kure Atoll, except Midway. The population of Oahu forms about three quarters of State’s total population. It is situated two thousand three hundred and ninety seven miles west-southwest of San Francisco in central Pacific Ocean. The name Honolulu is derived from the native words ‘hono’ meaning “a bay” and ‘lulu’ meaning “sheltered”.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu is a premium tourist destination and travellers literally throng to Honolulu. Many bus companies operate in Honolulu catering to them. They offer services of charter bus, coach bus, limo bus, party bus etc. to the customers. They are all well known for the quality service they offer. The prices that come at an affordable range are an added attraction.

The early history of Honolulu was one of turbulence and conflict. Hawaii was one of the last areas on the globe to be explored and exploited by Europeans. In seventeen hundred and seventy eight, British captain James Cook made the first visit. Throughout history, it was subjected to strong pressures from many forces which included American missionaries, who arrived in eighteen hundred and twenty, and opportunistic whalers. These whalers can be credited with the original building of Honolulu bringing trade, commerce and prosperity that led to expansion into the sugar and pineapple industries. Russia tried to move in as early as eighteen hundred and fourteen and Russian soldiers built a bastion at the harbor’s edge. In eighteen hundred and forty three was raised the British flag. In eighteen hundred and forty nine, French forces occupied Honolulu. Without bloodshed, each time control returned to independent native kingdom. A group of Americans annexed Honolulu to United States in eighteen hundred and ninety eight. This was the completion of a project attempted at intervals during the previous sixty five years. In nineteen hundred and seven, Honolulu was incorporated as a city.

The action that forced United States to enter Second World War happened in Honolulu area. It was the surprise bombing of unprepared United States naval base at Pearl Harbor on seventh December of nineteen hundred and forty one. “Remember Pearl Harbor” was a famous American slogan in wartime.

Boom times were brought to Honolulu with the Hawaiian statehood in nineteen hundred and fifty nine. The viability of commercial air travel to the island was also a reason. Apart from tourism, federal defense expenditures and agricultural exports, chiefly pineapples, fuel the economy.

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