Milwaukee Bus Charter – Once known as “beer town”

Milwaukee is the largest city in the United States state of Wisconsin. Milwaukee is the county seat of Milwaukee County. On Lake Michigan, the city is situated in the southeast part of Wisconsin. Although French missionaries, in the seventeenth century, visited the site of Milwaukee, it was only in seventeen hundred and ninety five that Jacques Vieau established a fur trading post there. In eighteen hundred and eighteen, Vieau’s son in law, Solomon Juneau, who was an agent of the American Fur Company, made his home there. In eighteen hundred and thirty eight, the settlement merged with several neighboring villages to form Milwaukee. In eighteen hundred and forty six, it was incorporated as a city. After eighteen hundred and forty eight, there was a surge of German immigrants arriving. They contributed greatly to the city’s political, economic and cultural development. There are many theories about the origin of the word “Milwaukee”. It is even disputed. It may have come from the Potawatomi word “ Mahn-ah-wauk” which means ‘council grounds of the Potawatomi or from “Mah-an-wauk-seepe” meaning gathering place of rivers or from the Algonquian word “Milo-aki” meaning beautiful land.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Large number of tourists visits Milwaukee, enticed by its many attractions. Many bus companies operate in Milwaukee catering to this inflow. They offer services of charter bus, coach bus, limo bus, party bus etc. to the customers. They are all well known for their high quality service offered. It is noteworthy that the prices of these services come at an affordable range.

One of the great industrial centers in the United States is Milwaukee. It is also one of the largest Great Lakes ports. Manufacturing remains a strong entity. Leaders in lithographic commercial printing and the production of medical diagnostic instruments, small gasoline engines, malt beverages, iron and steel forgings, mining machinery and robotics in the United States are Milwaukee’s manufacturers. Among the major metropolitan areas of the United States, Milwaukee’s high tech manufacturing community is one of the largest.

Milwaukee was once known as a “beer town”. But now only a small percentage of its workforce is involved in beer production. However, an important role is played by beer and almost eleven percent of malt beverage of the United States is produced in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee was the scene of racial disorder and black demonstrations in the nineteen hundred and sixties. In the recession years from nineteen hundred and seventy nine to eighty two, the city was hit hard economically. In the industrial sector, more than sixty thousand jobs were lost. In the late nineteen hundred and eighties prosperity reoccurred. This was mainly because of re-establishing of manufacturing jobs caused mainly by the economic efforts of major Milwaukee companies, in areas such as the international export of tools and machinery.

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