Houston Bus Charter – High concentration of petrochemical works

Houston is the largest city in the United States state of Texas. Harris County has Houston as its county seat. Adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico, Houston is located in the southeast part of the Texas state.

Houston, Texas

Houston has the distinction of being the fourth largest city in the United States. If a consideration of the entire South and Southwest is made, Houston stands as the largest city there. Houston acts as a port which is an entry point to the United States. As far as industry, commerce and finance are concerned Houston is a prominent hub. Houston is one of the world’s prominent oil centers. Houston comes second as the busiest tonnage handling port in the United States, after New York. Many research firms in space and science are based in Houston. Houston is home to electronics plants, giant oil refineries, high tech and computer technology industries, steel and paper mills, shipyards, breweries, meatpacking houses and factories manufacturing oil drilling equipment, clothing, glass and seismic instruments. Houston homes the world’s greatest concentrations of petrochemical works. Making Houston a major center of finance, more recently, many banks, especially foreign ones, have started functioning in Houston. Houston is home to two international airports. In addition to them, Ellington Field serves as a joint use civil and military airport. Cruise ships started sailing from Houston from nineteen hundred and ninety seven.

Many tourists visit Houston to savor its prominent institutions and other attractions. Many bus companies operate in Houston catering to this segment. They offer services of charter bus, coach bus, limo bus, party bus etc. to the customers. They are all highly reputed for the quality service they offer. One thing to note is that these services come at an affordable price.

Two institutions of note that exists in Houston are Texas Medical Center and Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center. The Texas Medical Center is the world’s largest hospital complex. It is also a leading medical research facility. Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center is home to the Manned Spacecraft Center of National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Houston Museum District is an important location in Houston which attracts tourists. This location homes several museums. Another important attraction is the Space Center Houston Museum in the Space Center. Space Center is the visitor’s space of Lyndon B. Johnson space center. Existing in Houston are several notable arts museums and a children’s museum. Houston is also home to many parks. One of them is Hermann Park which is large. In Hermann Park are situated a zoo, a museum of natural science and a planetarium. Wortham Theater Center is an institution in Houston which houses opera and ballet companies.

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