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Minneapolis is the largest city in the United States state of Minnesota. Minneapolis is the county seat of Hennepin County. On the Mississippi River, Minneapolis is located in the southeast central part of Minnesota. Near to Minneapolis is situated the city of Saint Paul, which is known as its “twin city”. Father Louis Hennepin visited the future site of Minneapolis and gave their name to Falls of Saint Anthony in sixteen hundred and eighty.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

In the period between eighteen hundred and five and six, Lieutenant Zebulon Pike made a treaty with the Sioux Indians. Accordingly, they ceded to the whites much land, including the Falls of Saint Anthony and the site of Minneapolis. In the period between eighteen hundred and nineteen and twenty was built Fort Snelling. In eighteen hundred and twenty three, the government built a lumber and flour mill. Flour milling became such a significant industry in early Minneapolis that it was soon the milling capital of the world. In eighteen hundred and forty eight, the town of Saint Anthony was established on the east bank of the Mississippi. Simultaneously, the town of Minneapolis grew up on the opposite bank of the river. The Dakota Sioux word “minna”, which stands for water and the Greek word “polis”, which stand for city is combined to give Minneapolis its name. In eighteen hundred and sixty seven, Minneapolis was incorporated as a city. In eighteen hundred and seventy two, the city of Saint Anthony was annexed to it. Minneapolis became the gateway to the Northern Great Plains, following the spread of the railroads in the eighteen hundred and seventies.

Attracted by its many peculiarities, many tourists visit Minneapolis. Many bus companies operate in Minneapolis catering to this segment. They offer services of charter bus, coach bus, limo bus, party bus etc. to the customers. They are all highly reputed for the quality services they offer. One thing that has to be underlined is that these services come at an affordable price.

Minneapolis is a center of industry and commerce which serves a large agricultural region. The twentieth century witnessed the development of industries of manufacturing, food processing, milling, computers, health services, and graphic arts as Minneapolis’s major ones. The Minneapolis- Saint Paul metropolitan area homes headquarters of fifteen Fortune five hundred companies. Ninth Federal Reserve Bank is headquartered in the city. Major among its many manufactures are food products, electronic equipment, instruments, graphic art products, machinery, fabricated metals, chemicals, and textiles.

The suburbs have witnessed growth, although the population of the city has declined since the nineteen hundred and seventies. In the nineteen hundred and nineties, the phenomenon that changed the racial composition of the city is the influx of African Americans and immigrants.

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