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During nineteen hundred and nineties, Oklahoma City underwent massive redevelopment. It was the result of city passing a substantial redevelopment package known as the Metropolitan Area Projects (MAPS) in nineteen hundred and ninety three. Its intention was to rebuild the core of the city with civic projects to establish more activities and life to downtown. Subsequently, Oklahoma City added a new baseball park, central library, renovations to the civic center, convention center and fairgrounds; and a water canal in the Bricktown entertainment district. Water taxis transport passengers within the district, adding color and activity along the canal. MAPS has become one of the most successful public-private partnerships undertaken in the united States, exceeding three billion dollars in investments. As a result of MAPS, the population living in downtown housing has greatly increased, together with demand for residential amenities, such as grocery, services and other retail stores. Since the completion of MAPS project, the downtown area has seen continued development. Several downtown buildings are undergoing renovation or restoration. Some prominent buildings of them are Skirvin Hotel and First National Center.

Oklahoma City

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When, on April nineteenth of nineteen hundred and ninety five, Timothy McVeigh set off a bomb in front of the Murrah building, residents of Oklahoma City suffered substantial losses. The building was destroyed, more than hundred nearby buildings were severely damaged and one hundred and sixty eight people were killed. The site has been commemorated as the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. Since its opening in two thousand, more than three million people have visited the site. Every year on April nineteenth, survivors, families and friends return to the memorial to read the names of each person lost.

The “Core to Shore” project plans to relocate I Forty one mile south and replace it with a boulevard to create a landscaped entrance to the city. This also allows the central portion of the city to expand south and connect with the shore of the Oklahoma River.

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