San Jose Bus Charter – Prone to earth quakes

San Jose lies between the San Andreas Fault, which was the source of the Loma Prieta earthquake of nineteen hundred and eighty nine, and the Calaveras Fault. San Jose is shaken by moderate earthquakes, above four on the Richter Scale, on average of one to two times a year. These quakes originate just east of the city on the creeping section of the Calaveras Fault, which is a major source of earthquake activity in Northern California. The other faults near San Jose are the Monte Vista Fault and the Hayward Fault Zone.

San Jose

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The Guadalupe River runs from the Santa Cruz Mountains, which separate the South Bay from the Pacific Coast, flowing north through San Jose, ending in the San Francisco Bay at Alviso. Along the southern part of the river is the neighborhood of Almaden Valley, originally named for the mercury mines which produced mercury needed for gold extraction from quartz during the California Gold Rush as well as mercury fulminate blasting caps and detonators for the United States military from eighteen hundred and seventy to nineteen hundred and forty five. East of the Guadalupe River, Coyote Creek also flows to South San Francisco Bay and originates on Mount Sizer near Henry W. Coe State Park and the surrounding hills in the Diablo Range, northeast of Morgan Hill, California.

The lowest point in San Jose is thirteen feet below sea level at the San Francisco Bay in Alviso and the highest is two thousand one hundred and twenty five feet. San Jose has taken several steps to reduce light pollution, including replacing all street lamps and outdoor lighting in private developments with low pressure sodium lamps, due to the proximity to Lick Observatory atop Mount Hamilton. To recognize the city’s efforts, the asteroid six thousand two hundred and sixteen San Jose was named after the city.
San Jose lies close to the Pacific Ocean. San Francisco Bay is also close, with a small portion of San Jose’s northern border touching the bay.

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